Billie Jean King, Bobby Riggs, Title IX and College Tennis

All over the Web today you’re seeing a number of tributes to Billy Jean King’s defeat of Bobby Riggs in a tennis challenge match on September 20, 1973. For the most part, the one thing that these articles all have in common are references to Title IX. Here’s one example:

Nonetheless, it is worth remembering for where it stands in history. The battle occurred just a year after Congress passed Title IX legislation to create equal opportunity for women in educational programs, including sports.

So, why are we bringing this up now? Well, considering we talked about myth-making and Title IX just a few days ago, I thought it was important to note that the reality of Title IX and college tennis is considerably different than what the myth-makers would have you believe. Click here for the College Sports Council analysis of Title IX and NCAA Division I college tennis to see what I mean.

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