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A Few Notes for the Bloggers at Ms. Magazine

A few days ago, on the 38th anniversary of Title IX, the blog over at Ms. Magazine ran a piece on the critics of the law. Our friends at the Independent Women's Forum were mentioned, as was the College Sports Council. Here's the critical excerpt: But IWF, like other Title IX naysayers, insists that men’s sports have consistently and seriously declined in ... More

CSC Chairman Eric Pearson on the “No Brainer” Quota

Earlier today, National Review Online ran a piece by College Sports Council Chairman Eric Pearson about the rollback of the model survey option for Title IX compliance by the Obama Administration. It's called, "The 'No Brainer' Gender Quota." The long-term impact of the recent rollback is that colleges will continue to eliminate men’s teams in order ... More

CSC Chairman: “CSUB wrestling team has earned the right to survive”

A few weeks back we told you about how the wrestling team at CS-Bakersfield was slated for elimination. Earlier today, the Bakersfield American ran an editorial by CSC Chairman Eric Pearson where he writes about how the team has earned a chance to continue: California's statewide budget crisis has hit college campuses hard. Students have protested cuts ... More

More on Yesterday’s Announcement on the Model Survey

Here in Washington, it's the day after the Obama Administration announced a change in the way schools can use the model survey toprove compliance with Title IX. Needless to say, while the folks at CSC were disappointed with the decision and believe that it's an incredible step backward, we're not any less committed to the fight for true equity in college ... More

Revisiting Title IX and HBCUs

Many of our readers will recall that back in 2008, the College Sports Council published a study concerning the ongoing Title IX threat to America's Historically Black Colleges and Universities or HBCUs. That CSC study found: 73% of the nation's 75 HBCUs that are co-educational and have athletic programs were out of compliance with the strict ... More

CSC Chairman Takes on Myles Brand’s Code of Silence on Title IX

Over at Inside Higher Education, the Web site is running a piece from College Sports Council chairman Eric Pearson on NCAA President Myles Brand's recent statements on how member schools shouldn't blame Title IX for future cuts in men's athletic programs. The entire text of the article appears below: Myles Brand’s Code of Silence By Eric ... More

NY Times Runs Letter from CSC Chairman

In response to last week's New York Times series on the rise of club sports in collegiate athletics, College Sports Council Chairman Eric Pearson wrote the following letter to the editor that appeared in Saturday's newspaper: To the Sports Editor: The single biggest factor in the growth of club sports in college may be the stringent enforcement of ... More

CSC Chairman Has Letter Published in Washington Post

College Sports Council Chairman Eric Pearson had a letter to the editor published it Saturday's edition of the Washington Post. It was submitted in response to an article published earlier this month concerning how fewer and fewer boys are taking up swimming: We were cheered to see the Oct. 8 Sports article "Closing Gender Gap in the Pool" acknowledge ... More

Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You About High School Sports and Title IX

Yesterday, we passed along an article where College Sports Council Chairman Eric Pearson had this to say about the next frontier in Title IX enforcement: While much of the Title IX enforcement centers on quotas, there are other huge red flags to be wary of, such as the reaction to some volunteer efforts and donations of parents and community members' for ... More

Are High Schools Next in the Title IX Crosshairs?

That's a question that Jennifer Kabbany asked today in the North County Times (CA): "If every woman decided she didn't want to play sports, then the way this law is applied, there could be no men's sports whatsoever," Steven Gieseler, an attorney with the Sacramento-based Pacific Legal Foundation, SAID in a telephone interview. While these quota ... More