Prong One Not The Way To Go

An article today in The Maneater, The University of Missouri (MU)’s student newspaper, revisits why the school has chosen not comply with Title IX by using prong 1, or proportionality:

MU athletics director Mike Alden wrote a column for in 2003 explaining why MU, controversially, does not comply with prong one.

“Proportionality stems specifically from situations where a sport is added only to meet a numerical requirement,” Alden said in the article. “In order to fund these additional teams, many institutions must simultaneously discontinue men’s sports programs.”

Instead, MU relies on prong 3, or student interest. As Eric Pearson has previously noted, “Providing sports opportunities based on interest is a simple, fair, and obvious way for schools break free from the widespread practice of limiting male participation.” Enabling student to vocalize their interests — be it sports, the arts. or science — through surveys can help schools to make sound decisions and minimize the chances of cutting sports and denying opportunities for both genders.

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