The No Cut Tennis Program

I was on the phone with CSC chairman Eric Pearson earlier today, and he pointed me to the following page on the USTA Web site that he thought we should share with our readers:

Top Reasons to Offer a No-Cut Tennis Program

* It’s the right thing to do – every child should have the opporunity to engage in healthy, lifelong activities in a safe and supportive environment with their peers.
* A no-cut policy sends the message that developing kids, even the less talented and/or late bloomers, is important to the coach and school.
* Participating on a team helps create well rounded student athletes, develops leadership and teaches responsibility, discipline, teamwork and cooperation – skills every student should be entitled to develop.
* One week of tryouts is not enough for a coach to know who the best players will be in four years. Coaches are often pleasantly surprised by the contributions made by individuals considered to have less potential.
* Children who are cut from sport programs are almost always the least skilled or those who have discipline problems. It is precisely these youngsters who are in need of an opportunity to grow through sport. “ Frank L. Smoll and Ronald E. Smith, Sports and Your Child, second edition; Warde Publishers, Inc. 2005
* Veteran no-cut coaches typically have higher winning percentages because they are able to capitalize on talent from a larger pool of players.
* Coaches conducting no-cut programs implement better coaching techniques, group management skills and set a great example for other school activities.
* No-cut programs open more opportunities for cooperation with parents, school and community that can result in much needed booster support as well as a built-in fan base for team matches
* Giving students the opportunity to be on a team with friends and representing their high school can provide a positive and memorable experience that will benefit them long into adulthood.
* Tennis helps athletes develop strength, flexibility, balance and agility along with aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Research shows that tennis players score high in vigor, optimism, and self-esteem, and lower in depression, anger, confusion, anxiety and tension than other athletes and non-athletes.

Very interesting. I wonder how many programs around the country use this method, and just how successful they are. Please feel free to pass along your stories as well.

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