Clemson Eliminates Men’s Swimming and Diving

Over the weekend, we got the news that Clemson University has decided to phase out its entire Men’s Swimming and Diving Program as well as Women’s Swimming. For some reason we can’t fathom, Women’s Diving has gotten a reprieve, though we would have to imagine that it’s going to be awfully lonely in the pool come 2012, when the other teams will cease to exist.

More than a few folks are claiming that Title IX has nothing to do with the cuts, but when you factor in that the Women’s Diving team was saved, while the school is now considering adding Women’s Golf, it’s clear that the school was cognizant of the numbers when it made the decision.

In any case, the team’s are fighting back. Click here to join the Facebook group to save the programs. And good luck to our friends at Clemson.

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