The Next Big NCAA Joke: Sand Volleyball

Thanks to Doug Robinson of the Deseret News for calling out the NCAA on this decision:

Congratulations to the NCAA for making beach volleyball an official collegiate sport — for women.

Just what we need: another sport that is not sponsored by high schools and is played largely by people who have access to, oh, I don’t know, a beach.

By the way, the new sport is being called “sand volleyball,” because, as the NCAA explains it, not all schools have a beach.

Did you already figure out why they added the sport? Here’s a hint: Title IX.

This is a transparent move to inflate the number of female athletes on college athletic rosters; apparently, the addition of those silly NCAA-sponsored crew teams didn’t do the trick. Or didn’t you wonder why sand/beach volleyball is being offered, as proudly explained by the NCAA, FOR WOMEN ONLY.

Next stop: Women’s hop scotch and jump roping teams.

While Robinson is a little more heated with the rhetoric than the CSC might be, his point still stands: creating a new sport for women but not for men — remember, men compete in beach volleyball at the Summer Olympics — it’s nothing but a transparent attempt to goose female participation, and another golden opportunity for a scholarship that men won’t ever have.

I wonder what Karch Kiraly thinks about this decision.

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