End of the Rainbow for Men’s Sports at University of Hawaii

Schools across the country are facing tough economic pressure and many are facing the grim prospect of eliminating athletic teams.  The latest example is the University of Hawaii, which reported yesterday that some of their teams may have to be cut.  Problem is, which ones?
Currently, UH has eleven sports for women and seven sports for men.  But despite that disparity, athletic director Jim Donovan says the only teams that can be cut are the men’s sports.  Why is that?  You guessed it — because of Title IX.    “UH can’t drop a women’s sport until it comes into compliance with Title IX,” the Honolulu Advertiser reports matter-of-factly.
It is nothing short of despicable that the Title IX quota forces schools into punishing men’s teams this way.  What’s just as bad, though, is that NCAA president Myles Brand tries to intimidate member institutions from even speaking about the one-sided damage Title IX enforcement is wreaking.  We reported earlier about how Brand threatened schools against mentioning Title IX when they have to make their cuts.

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