Welcome to MOMSS

It seems that the hardliners in favor of the quota system in Title IX enforcement are taking notice of a new campaign by the Fairness in Sports Foundation (FISE): MOMSS: Moms on a Mission to Save Sports.

Here’s Kristine Newhall at the Title IX blog:

I probably don’t need to point out the irony in their use of the term “fairness” or that their board of directors is made up of five men (including former Olympians Peter Vidmar, karch Kiraly, and Tim Daggett) and one woman.

Say, as opposed to the Title IX blog, which is run exclusively by three females, or the gender ratio of the Executive Committee of the Women’s Sports Foundation, which is unbalanced in favor of females by a ratio of 9 to 1. Given those numbers, I suppose we could infer from Newhall’s argument that neither the Title IX blog nor the Women’s Sports Foundation could possibly be interested in fairness.

Then again, it’s the quality of the ideas that count, not the gender of the person who comes up with them that matters. At least that’s what I was taught when I was in college.

In any case, as the oldest organization dedicated to reforming Title IX, it’s always nice to find another organization that shares some common goals. So to MOMSS, we say this: welcome to the fight.

*To be fair, our friends at Texas Swimming noticed too.

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