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Is It So Hard To Give the Full Story?

For Erin Buzuvis, co-author of the Title IX Blog, why yes, relaying all of the facts to her readers is just too difficult. Case in point: Her post detailing Butler University's Office for Civil Rights (OCR) compliance review wrap-up leaves out a key point simply because it does not align with her views. The examination was conducted to address two ... More

What’s the Real Purpose of Adding Sports?

The Title IX Blog's Kristine Newhall, after framing her own requirements for how cheerleading can be considered a sport (in light of its elimination at the University of Maryland), writes: Meeting such conditions would clear the way for OCR to offer approval and thus make it count for Title IX which is what most schools are looking for: a cheap sport to ... More

PLF’s Joshua Thompson Takes on the Title IX Blog

When anyone asks me what our adversaries are like in the Title IX reform debate, I always tell them to take a close look at the Title IX Blog. The critical difference there: the authors don't allow any outsiders to leave comments on their blog posts. It's almost as if they're afraid of free and open debate about the law and the damage it's doing at colleges ... More

How Title IX is Strangling Men’s College Soccer

Over at Ocala.com, Dwight Collins is concerned that the U.S. Men's National Team may never win the World Cup, and he's listing what he believes are the reasons why. And I couldn't miss #1 on the list: * Title IX. The gender equity legislation that has done so many wonderful things for women's sports at the collegiate level has basically killed men's ... More

Feel the Snark at Title IX Blog

Kristine Newhall at Title IX blog took note of Duquesne's decision to drop four men's teams (click here to see our report from earlier this week). I think it's instructive to read this blog, if only to note just how callous gender equity activists can be when it comes to student athletes. The people at Collegeswimming.com seem a little miffed that ... More

Welcome to MOMSS

It seems that the hardliners in favor of the quota system in Title IX enforcement are taking notice of a new campaign by the Fairness in Sports Foundation (FISE): MOMSS: Moms on a Mission to Save Sports. Here's Kristine Newhall at the Title IX blog: I probably don't need to point out the irony in their use of the term "fairness" or that their board ... More