Over 500 Americans Sign CSC Petition on Title IX

Thanks to everyone who has signed the College Sports Council petition calling on the U.S. Congress to reform Title IX. As of this afternoon,our petition has collected over 500 signatures and is still going strong. One of the signatories of the petition is Lennie Zalesky, head wrestling coach at UC Davis. Here’s what he had to say about the petition:

This is a much needed legislation. I am having to cut approximately 10 wrestlers every year who want to participate and I as a coach want them on the team. I had to tell numerous California state qualifiers this year that I have no place for them to try out because we are over our cap by 10 currently with the new recruting class. Historicaly, some of the best wrestlers on the team have been state qualifers. They have logged in numerous hours and are only looking for a place to continue to compete. With the eliminating of over hundreds of programs here on the west coast over the past 20 years, there is no place for these dedicated athletes to go. I wonder how many of these missed opportunities to develop men may lead to a void in future leadership positons in coaching, teaching and positions of leadership around the country.

We’re still collecting signatures. Click here to sign the petition, and don’t hesitate to let your family and friends know what we’re up to.

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