At Laney College, Men’s Soccer Will Have to Wait

Over at Laney College outside of Oakland, California, the administration has decided to eliminate the Softball program in favor of Women’s Basketball because of demand. Fair enough, though the folks here at CSC are never happy when they see programs canceled.

That same school would like to add Men’s Soccer too, but can’t:

“The community has said, ‘We want soccer,'” Beam said. “We opened a soccer class and had 70 students sign up. We couldn’t do both.”

Still, Beam doesn’t expect Laney to field an intercollegiate soccer team any time soon.

“Most of the (soccer) interest right now is from men,” Beam said. “Because of Title IX, we would never be able to add a men’s team.”

Title IX is the 1972 legislation that essentially requires schools that receive public funding to have athletic opportunities proportionate to the student enrollment.


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