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Student Interest, Not Title IX Gender Quotas, Can Work

Now for some relatively positive news out of Santa Monica College (SMC): Men's soccer may be added to the athletics program next fall. Although the addition isn't certain, the Western States Conference has already approved it. And, the school has deemed that adding more opportunities for male student athletes is in compliance with Title IX by using prong ... More

Title IX Lesson in the NCAA Sand Volleyball Vote

One news item that we should have mentioned in real time last week concerned the failure by NCAA member institutions to remove the emerging sport tag from women's sand volleyball. If you're a little confused by the name, don't worry. The sport we're talking about is actually the same as the two-person beach volleyball game that has become so popular at the ... More

At Laney College, Men’s Soccer Will Have to Wait

Over at Laney College outside of Oakland, California, the administration has decided to eliminate the Softball program in favor of Women's Basketball because of demand. Fair enough, though the folks here at CSC are never happy when they see programs canceled. That same school would like to add Men's Soccer too, but can't: "The community has said, 'We ... More