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Delaware Cuts Men’s Track and Cross Country; School Cites Title IX Compliance as Reason

As we communicated on our Facebook page earlier this week, the University of Delaware demoted both its track and field and cross country teams to club status. The track team, which just celebrated its 100th birthday, was demoted, according to school officials, because it helped the school better comply with Title IX. Here's our buddy Bob Button at Texas ... More

Delaware State Gets the Title IX Bill for Equestrian: $1.1 Million and Counting

Yesterday, a judge in Delaware approved the settlement agreement between Delaware State University and the members of the school's equestrian team in a suit that began a little less than a year ago. If you're interested in the history of the case, feel free to browse our archives, but what really caught my eye this morning was the price tag the school will ... More

Cal Eliminates Five Varsity Programs

Earlier this afternoon, Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated reportedthat UC Berkeley will hold a press conference this afternoon to discuss its "athletic future." As we've been noting for several months, a combination of budget pressures and Title IX compliance questions could very well lead to the school eliminating a number of athletic programs -- more ... More

CS Fullerton Wrestling Gets a Reprieve

Last week we passed along news that despite a furious fund raising campaign, the wresting team at CS Fullerton was going to be eliminated at the end of the 2010-11 academic year. But earlier this week, the team got another reprieve: Cal State Fullerton wrestling has hope for a future. The sport, designated last week for termination at the end of the ... More

Another Example of How Title IX Hurts Men and Women: Gymnastics

We've written a number of times about how the manner in which Title IX is enforced can harm women as well as men. A good example of this is college gymnastics. I'll let Sherman Cain, a reporter for The Journal Inquirer in Connecticut, explain why: But let’s face it, in gymnastics, some of us need to be educated. If it weren’t for WGYM [women's gymnas... More

Some Things Nancy Hogshead-Makar Doesn’t Want You to Know About Title IX Enforcement

At the end of July, many proponents of reform of Title IX enforcement got an early Christmas present from ESPN.com when Gregg Easterbrook, better known as the author of the Tuesday Morning Quarterback column, penned an extensive take on why Title IX needed to be reformed. For me, it felt like a landmark moment. For the most part, we don't see many person... More

Diablo College Reinstates Six Teams

A couple of months back we pointed to a story out of California about how OCR was launching an investigation of Diablo Valley College after it eliminated six athletic teams -- three male and three female. Yesterday, under pressure from OCR, the school relented, and reinstated all of the teams. For more, visit the Contra Costa Times or Title IX Blog. More

Remembering Great Programs Eliminated Because of Title IX

For the most part, the mainstream media has taken a pass on saying a whole lot about Title IX on the 38th anniversary of the law, but I'd still like to take a moment to remember some of the victims of the law. Every athletic program that's been lost mattered to somebody, but here's a list of some of the more storied athletic programs that were eliminated ... More

CSC Study on NCAA Soccer Highlights Opportunity Gap Between Male and Female Players

A few moments ago, the College Sports Council published the following press release.   CSC Study on NCAA Soccer Highlights Opportunity Gap Between Male and Female Players Growth of male teams stifled by Title IX's gender quota WASHINGTON, D.C. -- June 10, 2010 -- A study by the College Sports Council (CSC) released on the eve of the ... More

The No Cut Tennis Program

I was on the phone with CSC chairman Eric Pearson earlier today, and he pointed me to the following page on the USTA Web site that he thought we should share with our readers: Top Reasons to Offer a No-Cut Tennis Program * It's the right thing to do - every child should have the opporunity to engage in healthy, lifelong activities in a safe and ... More