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Diving Deeper into CA HS boys’ swim decline

The average roster size for high school boys' swim teams in California has declined by almost 9% in the last two years! On December 5, 2016, SavingSports posted stats showing an alarming statewide participation rate decline of 4.6%, since 2014, for California high schools boys swimming. We illustrated a two year downward trend of participation rates ... More

Football numbers decline in CA high schools

SavingSports has recently published statistics showing that both boy's swimming and wrestling participation numbers have declined in California high schools. Many people may be surprised to hear that football has suffered the same downturn in total players. The pressure to comply with Title IX's gender quota will only get worse if compliance standa... More

More trend watching- Title IX & H.S. Wrestling

Last week, we called attention to the alarming decline in participation rates for boys' swimming in California high schools. Unfortunately, swimming is not alone in showing troubling trends of decline- the sport of wrestling also suffered a drop in participation rates at the high school level. Fans of wrestling know very well how their sport has been ... More

Trend Watching- Title IX & H.S. Sports

Recent data trends show that Title IX's gender quota may now be harming high school athletics by restricting boys' participation in sports. The ASC has repeatedly expressed its concerns about the application of gender quotas to high school sports, ever since the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit affirmed the district court judgment in the case ... More

Give Credit to Athletes for Winning Olympic Medals- not to Title IX.

A standard branding technique that marketers often utilize is to associate a product with a 'feel good' event. The Olympic Games always provide one of a kind emotional moments, and brands pay a lot of money to be associated with the spectacle. The same is done with Title IX. In a calculated effort to capitalize on the good feeling that the Olympics ... More

Historically Black Colleges and Universities struggle with Title IX compliance

The ASC has published commentary, a study, and testified on the harm done by Title IX's gender quota to athletic programs at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Because HBCUs often have enrollments that skew heavily towards female students- some schools are over 70% female- they have a very difficult time complying with Title IX's ... More

Collegiate Lacrosse Growth Limited by Gender Quota

Fans of Lacrosse are proud of the fact that it is one of the fastest growing team sports in America. However, its growth on the men's side has been severely limited by Title IX's gender quota. In his recent article on collegiate lacrosse, 'Despite Utah news, potential new lacrosse programs face roadblocks,'  Shane Mettlen of USports states, "Administ... More

New coalition emerging for Title IX reform

The American Sports Council recently hosted a panel discussion on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Titled 'Constitutional Challenges: The Future of Title IX Enforcement,' the event included the following speakers: Eric Pearson, Chairman, the American Sports Council Christina Hoff Sommers, Resident Scholar, the American Enterprise Institute Sama... More

Collegiate club sports grow, free from Title IX limits -for now.

Lauren Kent reports in the Daily Tar Heel, 'If a male club team wants to go varsity at UNC, Title IX does not help them.' Collegiate club leagues are booming as male students seek opportunities to compete, demonstrating the unmet interest that Title IX's gender quota creates for male varsity sports. “'As it stands now, we are not able to become ... More

The Misleading Single Story of Title IX

In his recent opinion piece, The Danger of a Single Story, New York Times Columnist, David Brooks offers insight into how simplistic narratives fall short of telling the whole truth. Brooks writes, "American politics has always been prone to single storyism — candidates reducing complex issues to simple fables." Although he doesn't mention gender ... More