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Title IX Cuts Sting for Wrestlers

Not everyone views Title IX so keenly, especially former wrestlers and swimmers who have been forced to accept that regulations of a law that's supposed to protect them from gender discrimination has caused them to stop playing sports precisely because of their gender. The Record, a local paper in North Jersey, documents some of the harms faced by some ... More

What’s Leading Wrestling’s Future?

In a Cleveland Plain Dealer article titled, "Women may hold key to future of wrestling: Olympics Watch", reporter Tim Warsinskey asks: "Can women save wrestling?" An alternative way to understand the current wrestling landscape is: "What caused the demise of the sport's teams?" and subsequently, "What is the most effective, far-reaching  prescription ... More

How They Cut Wrestling At Nebraska-Omaha

Yesterday, ESPN's Outside the Lines did a report on the recent elimination of football and wrestling at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. The school took the action as part of its planned move to Division I. At the time, the school said that the move would help with Title IX compliance in the future (click here for our initial reaction to that announcemen... More

Preserving the Sport of Wrestling for Future Generations

If you really want to know why the College Sports Council is in business, you should take a look at this photo. It was taken a few months ago at an event sponsored in Philadelphia by Beat the Streets, an organization dedicated to establishing youth wrestling programs all over the country. This picture was taken at an event sponsored by the organization's ... More

Cutting Wrestling Not Enough, More Men’s Athletic Cuts to Come at Liberty

While the wrestling community can't help but be upset at the news that Liberty University decided to eliminate its wrestling program in order to help with Title IX compliance, you have to at least credit AD Jeff Barber for being honest about what he's up to. The math at Liberty is pretty simple. The student body is 52/48 in favor of female students. But ... More

At Nebraska-Omaha It’s Thanks for the Title, Now Hit the Road

We've gotten quite accustomed to seeing athletic programs eliminated every Spring. We don't like it. We know that it's unfair. But we know why and how it happens over and over again. But what we'll never get used to is seeing a national championship caliber program eliminated with nary a shrug of the shoulders. That's exactly what happened earlier ... More

Wrestling Cut at UNC-Greensboro

Another wrestling team was blasted out of existence this week when the University of North Carolina at Greensboro announced it was terminating its program. Four wrestlers from UNC-Greensboro qualified for the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships being held from March 17-19 in Philadelphia. Good luck to those young men. Not matter the outcome, I'm betting ... More

CS Fullerton Wrestling Gets a Reprieve

Last week we passed along news that despite a furious fund raising campaign, the wresting team at CS Fullerton was going to be eliminated at the end of the 2010-11 academic year. But earlier this week, the team got another reprieve: Cal State Fullerton wrestling has hope for a future. The sport, designated last week for termination at the end of the ... More

From the Archives of Walter Olson

Earlier today, I had a pleasant exchange over Twitter with Walter Olson, the mind behind the brilliant blog, Overlawyered.com. While Walter may be best known for his blog today, he wasn't always behind the controls there. Such was the case back in 1998 when he wrote a piece for Reason Magazine called, "Title IX from Outer Space." Here's an excerpt: [H]ead ... More

Husband and Wife Team to Save CS-Fullerton Gymnastics and Wrestling Programs

Here's a piece of good news from California at a time when all we seem to be talking about are how budget pressures are leading to the elimination of teams: Thanks to generous donations from gymnastics and wrestling communities, the Cal State Fullerton gymnastics and wrestling programs have been retained for the 2010-11 academic year. “All along I ... More