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A Simple Reminder for Journalists

The media is understandably frenzied over the University of Maryland's decision to join the Big 10 conference, but its short-term memory lapse over the University's elimination of 7 teams, apparent in today's excited coverage, is unacceptable. Only four months ago, the school cemented recommendations from the President's Commission to get rid of a ... More

What’s the Real Purpose of Adding Sports?

The Title IX Blog's Kristine Newhall, after framing her own requirements for how cheerleading can be considered a sport (in light of its elimination at the University of Maryland), writes: Meeting such conditions would clear the way for OCR to offer approval and thus make it count for Title IX which is what most schools are looking for: a cheap sport to ... More

University of Maryland Cuts Varsity Cheer Program

The Washington Post's Liz Clarke reports that the University of Maryland (UMD) has cut its 9-year competitive cheerleading team because of budget. This development is especially devastating because UMD pioneered the recognition of cheerleading as a varsity sport and was one of only a handful of Division I schools to offer elevated status to participants. ... More

The Realities of Competitive Cheer

For those of you who don't think competitive cheer is a sport, take a look at this video report on the squad at the University of Maryland. Can somebody send this to the Women's Sports Foundation? More