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Answering Bonnie Erbe’s Question About Title IX

Things are pretty much status quo since we last checked in at Delaware State University, currently the subject of not one, but two separate Title IX law suits concerning the elimination of its equestrian program. The suit got the attention of Bonnie Erbe, host of the PBS program, To The Contrary, something she noted yesterday at her blog at U.S. News ... More

Revisiting Title IX and HBCUs

Many of our readers will recall that back in 2008, the College Sports Council published a study concerning the ongoing Title IX threat to America's Historically Black Colleges and Universities or HBCUs. That CSC study found: 73% of the nation's 75 HBCUs that are co-educational and have athletic programs were out of compliance with the strict ... More

Delaware State Drops Wrestling, But Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Click here for the official announcement. I think it's worth noting that back in February 2008, the College Sports Council issued a study warning that nearly all of the nation's Historically Black Colleges and Universities were out of compliance with Title IX's proportionality standard, putting over 3,300 male athletes at risk nationwide. One of the ... More

Howard University, Real Sports and African-Americans in Baseball

I just watched the most recent episode of Real Sports on HBO. One of the segments on the program was an interview with major league ballplayer Torri Hunter of the Los Angeles Angels. In that interview, Hunter laments the fact that only eight percent of all MLB players are African-Americans and that baseball was dying as a sport in America's inner ... More

Wade Hughes Op Ed Kicks Up Some Dust

Both Alison Kasic and Robert VerBruggen took notice of the piece on Title IX and Historically Black Colleges and Universities that ran over at The Root earlier this week. Nice to see people notice the work Wade Hughes did. UPDATE: And more people keep noticing. Here too. More

Where’s The Title IX for Black Men?

That's the title of an op ed that ran today over at The Root, the new online magazine for African-Americans created by the same minds who are responsible for Slate. The piece was written by our friend, Wade Hughes, the former wrestling coach at Howard University until the program was cut along with baseball in 2002 in order to help the university comply ... More

One View of Title IX and HBCUs: The Human Cost

Thanks to working on the announcement of yesterday's study on Title IX and historically black colleges and universities, I had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Reggie Torrence. Reggie is an employee of Xerox and living in Washington, D.C. today, but six years ago he had just completed his sophomore year at Howard University while also competing as ... More

Study shows Historically Black Colleges and Universities struggle to meet Title IX’s proportionality test.

Normally I'm not the kind of blogger that just posts press releases, but today's news is a bit of an exception: COLLEGE SPORTS COUNCIL Press Release Contact: Eric McErlain (202) 904-2416 Study shows Historically Black Colleges and Universities struggle to meet Title IX’s proportionality test. CSC Calls on NCAA to support HBCU’s use of ... More

CSC’s Eric Pearson on the HBCU Study

Here's what Eric Pearson, chairman of the College Sports Council, had to say about the study the CSC released earlier today concerning Title IX and historically black colleges and universities: "We're not asking for punishment; we're pointing out how hard it is for HBCUs to comply with proportionality," council Chairman Eric Pearson says. He argues HBCUs ... More

Updating the Numbers on the HBCU Study

We just got a call from Rainer Sabin, a reporter at the Virginian-Pilot. He found an omission in our study, as it seems we inadvertently excluded Norfolk State University from the original analysis. So we went back to look at the data, and here's what we found: NSU has 4,459 students (1,713 male and 2,746 female) according to the Department of Education ... More