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More 40th Anniversary Reflections

On Philly.com, opinion contributor Mike Harrigan recognizes broad cultural shifts that have increased female participation in athletics and calls for common sense changes to Title IX. On proportionality, he writes: Today's problems with Title IX come from the way that colleges and universities use the so-called "three-prong" approach to implement the ... More

Who’s Missing From the Title IX Birthday Celebration?

In today's Washington Times, ASC Chairman Eric Pearson reflects on the 40 years since the passage of Title IX: PEARSON: After 40 years, Title IX is getting old for boys Law letting girls into college sports ends up pushing boys out To hear reporters tell it, Americans one and all are gathering to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Title IX. But if you ... More

Gotta Get the Facts Right to Make a Valid Point

The National Women's Law Center's (NWLC) June fact sheet, "The Next Generation of Title IX: Athletics," focuses on the differences in participation rates between boys and girls in elementary schools and high schools. The report ranks high schools according to the "percentage of high schools in the state reporting a participation gap of 10 percentage points ... More

Butler U.’s Nuanced Title IX Compliance Situation

In today's Indianpolis Star Tribune, op-ed contributor Daniel A. Cohen provides a solid analysis of the unusual situation Butler University has found itself in following an OCR compliance review. The school is now figuring out how to address two of the findings: There are less female athletes than male athletes, but more female athletes than male athletes ... More

Sick of Title IX “Myths”? Just call them “Facts”

The National Coalition for Women & Girls in Education recently issued a report evaluating how Title IX has influenced girls' achievements in education and athletics. Instead of presenting a factual assessment of the harmful side effects from Title IX enforcement methods, the report is chock full of opinion, agenda and rhetoric (though the Washington ... More

Cutting Men’s Sports — Just a “Misunderstanding”

So says Judith Sweet, Title IX consultant extraordinaire. In an interview with the NCAA (her former employer), Sweet was asked, "Why do we need to celebrate this anniversary?" She responded (excerpt): "In celebrating, we also should recognize that our work is not done. We need to continue to educate, to present facts to erase the misunderstandings ... More

The Women’s Sports Foundation: A Magician

The good news: The Women's Sports Foundation (WSF) reads this blog. Could it mean that WSF activists are finally grasping the truth? That they recognize that current Title IX enforcement methods are not working because they create discrimination and disruption in our schools' athletic departments and that reforming those regulations will permit meaningful ... More

Open Letter to ESPN’s Peter Keating

Dear Peter: As the leading group working for reform of Title IX, we are writing to take issue with your latest piece on this critical topic [The silent enemy of men's sports; 5/23].  Let's first straighten out some inaccuracies and errors: You write, "Colleges have indeed axed hundreds of men's teams in the Title IX era, often while explicitly ... More

CA Lawmaker Speaks Truths on Title IX, Bashing Ensues

The overblown, hostile reactions following California Assemblyman Chris Norby's public criticism of Title IX enforcement would be laughable if they didn't mean that the media and activist groups actually believe that Title IX is impervious to criticism. The last time I checked, our society welcomes — no, cherishes — free speech, even if it's not so ... More

WSJ Fails to Tell Whole Story on Title IX Enforcement

Our last blog post focused on New York City's Department of Education's irrational and discriminatory response to a Title IX lawsuit filed by the National Women's Law Center: Ban all new schools in the Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) from creating any boys' teams. So much for equality of opportunity. So when Wall Street Journal reporter Sumathi ... More