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Cheer Dad Defends Booster Club Independence

We've written about how Title IX poses a threat to high school athletic booster clubs. That's why we were cheered earlier today when we read this account of how the father of two cheerleaders sprung into actionwhen his local school board tried to pass regulations that would have forced the cheer boosters to share the money they raised with other clubs: T... More

Why Every Athletic Booster Club is in Danger Because of Title IX

We've warned our readers many times about the danger that runaway Title IX enforcement poses to high school athletics. Earlier today, we got some news out of Pennsylvania that should send a chill up the spine of any parent who participates in a booster club for a high school sport—and what the College Sports Council believes is a deliberate misinterpret... More

Title IX Quota Creep Keeps Hitting High Schools

Over and over again we've been warning about how quota advocates are determined to apply the Title IX's strict quota regime to high school athletics. Just a few weeks ago we pointed to a story in Pennsylvania where the mere formation of a football booster club triggered a federal investigation. Now we're seeing evidence of one school district just ... More

Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You About High School Sports and Title IX

Yesterday, we passed along an article where College Sports Council Chairman Eric Pearson had this to say about the next frontier in Title IX enforcement: While much of the Title IX enforcement centers on quotas, there are other huge red flags to be wary of, such as the reaction to some volunteer efforts and donations of parents and community members' for ... More