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A Simple Reminder for Journalists

The media is understandably frenzied over the University of Maryland's decision to join the Big 10 conference, but its short-term memory lapse over the University's elimination of 7 teams, apparent in today's excited coverage, is unacceptable. Only four months ago, the school cemented recommendations from the President's Commission to get rid of a ... More

LAT Favors Fluff Over Fact

Chris Erskine's Los Angeles Times column, "Title IX has benefited anyone who loves sports," is the latest contribution to the ever-growing nonsensical and biased coverage of Title IX's 40th anniversary. His baseless and garbled views belittle the thousands of boys who lost athletic opportunities and ignore the large contingent of reform supporters ... More

Who’s Missing From the Title IX Birthday Celebration?

In today's Washington Times, ASC Chairman Eric Pearson reflects on the 40 years since the passage of Title IX: PEARSON: After 40 years, Title IX is getting old for boys Law letting girls into college sports ends up pushing boys out To hear reporters tell it, Americans one and all are gathering to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Title IX. But if you ... More

The Truth About the Women’s Sports Foundation and Their Study on Athletic Participation Rates

We heard back by phone from Associated Press sports editor Terry Taylor about the problems we pointed out in reporter Melissa Murphy's story about a Women's Sports Foundation (WSF) study -- "Who's Playing College Sports? Money, Race and Gender -- that concluded male athletes hadn't been harmed by Title IX. Taylor was diligent in looking into the matter ... More