Spot the Problem?

As seen in the Flor-ala:

Title IX corrected that by putting in place a law that required schools who received aid from the government to give women the same chance at getting the aid as men do.

“In Division I basketball, for example, women’s basketball … they get 15 (scholarships) compared to the men at 13,” Linder said.

Equality, according to this line of logic (or illogic) so popular among gender quota activists at organizations like the Women’s Sports Foundation and National Women’s Law Center, means more opportunities for women (15), less for men (13). Not “the same” as this article states — and  definitely not according to interest. For them, equality has turned into a numbers game dictated by proportionality, the regulation that has caused the loss of thousands of opportunities of males because it guarantees precisely what Title IX is supposed to prevent: discrimination on the basis of gender.

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