Clarity on Title IX Complaints In Oregon

Following the Office of Civil Rights’ decision to dismiss Title IX complaints in Oregon, many of us were wondering (and cheering) why they did it. Well, it looks like we have an answer, and it’s one that we welcome. Hopefully, this outcome will be repeated in other states that have been overwhelmed by complaints by gender quota activists.

The Oregonian reports:

Jim Bradshaw with the U.S. Department of Education press office, said in an email Wednesday that the Office of Civil Rights dismissed the complaints “because they did not provide facts in support of the allegations so as to raise a potential violation of the Title IX requirement to equally effectively accommodate the interests and abilities of both sexes.”

And there we have it. Claiming injustice by using strict proportionality measures will only prevent us from focusing on how to implement real, meaningful reforms to Title IX so that it can applied fairly to both sexes.

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