Hoover’s Richard Epstein Calls for Repeal of Title IX

At the College Sports Council, we support Title IX as written, and believe that over the years the original intent of the legislation has been horribly distorted. But we understand that not every critic of the law has come to that conclusion. One of those critics is Richard Epstein of the Hoover Institution. After reading the story from last week’s New York Times on roster management, Epstein thinks it’s clear that the system needs to be junked:

In the upside down world of Title IX, the correct social response is to applaud the efforts to remove the stranglehold that the law places on college athletic programs. Further reflection makes it clear that the best thing for Congress to do is to junk Title IX in its entirety, as one of those failed experiments by which government intervention has disrupted for the worse the successful internal management of private voluntary institutions.

Ever since the piece was published, it’s taken off over Twitter. More later.

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