The New York Times, Title IX and Roster Management

I’ve been getting messages since late last night about the piece that appeared in the New York Times today concerning the widespread misreporting of athletic participation data by colleges and universities in order to comply with Title IX.

We ought to take a look at one piece of truth that was uncovered by the piece, and that’s the stone cold solid fact that Title IX is a quota law plain and simple. If Title IX wasn’t a quota law, then you wouldn’t have schools working so hard to simply make their numbers balance in order to prove compliance. It’s something we’ve seen played out year after year, most recently this Spring at the University of Delaware, Liberty University and the University of Nebraska-Omaha, three schools that cut men’s teams in order to comply with the law.

So the next time you hear anyone say that Title IX enforcement does not require quotas, remember this story. More later.

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