Cal Rugby Coach Jack Clark Calls Out Title IX’s Gender Quota

It’s been a little more than three months since Cal cut five varsity teams, but the teams that were eliminated aren’t done taking their case to the media. Over the weekend, Jack Clark, head coach of the men’s rugby team at Cal, talked to the International Herald Tribune:

Clark, who also played for the Bears and the U.S. national team, argues rugby has been one of the more financially sound programs thanks to its supporters and alumni fund-raising and endowments — something Mogulof disputes — he believes it is because of the Title IX legislation that rugby is being downgraded.

“We’re a team of 60 young males in the program, so that head count hurt us. I knew that once we cut a women’s sport we were going to be in trouble, and I was just hoping that we didn’t cut a women’s sport,” Clark said.

“But Title IX is not meant to be a calculus where men’s teams get eliminated to improve ratios. My view of Title IX was to increase women’s opportunities and that’s not what we are doing here.

“We are eliminating women’s opportunities and by doing so we need to eliminate more men’s opportunities and that is just a slippery slope once you start that.”

Whenever anyone tells you that Title IX didn’t influence the cuts at Cal, remember that when Coach Clark offered to fund a women’s team out of his own team’s revenues if the team was reinstated, the school rejected the offer.

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