Arizona Republic: NWLC Action “Not Designed to Help Kids.”

Last month, as part of the the National Women’s Law Center’s high school Title IX initiative, the organization filed a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights against the Deer Valley School District in Arizona, and the editorial board at the Arizona Republic is less than impressed:

[T]he history of Title IX complaints on the college level presages bleak prospects for the kids of Deer Valley schools: In these difficult economic times, a 10.2 percent difference in proportionality will not be made up by adding girls sports, but by cutting those for boys.

If the kids of Deer Valley are perplexed now, however, just hang on. Organizations like the NWLC already are filing complaints against high-school booster groups for creating disparate funding levels for girls and boys teams.

Legal action to force proportionality is an anachronism from another athletic age. These complaints are evidence of a grievance group churning new ground to justify its existence. They certainly are not destined to help the kids.

The truth about Title IX is getting out.

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