CS-Bakersfield Reinstates Four Teams

It’s not often that we get to share good news, but when it happens, we want to shout it from the rooftops. Here’s the latest news from CS-Bakersfield, where four teams that had been slated for elimination have been saved. Details from KGET.com:

The president of Cal State University Bakersfield reinstated three sports that were set to be dropped from the athletic roster next year due to budget cuts.

Wrestling, golf, tennis would be returning next year, said CSUB President Horace Mitchell during a news conference Tuesday.

The announcement in February the sports might be dropped prompted a flurry of fundraising by alumni, staff and current students that took in more than $700,000.

The number here is four, not three, because the programs originally slated to be eliminated were wrestling, men’s and women’s golf and women’s tennis.

You’ll recall it was only a few weeks ago that CSC Chairman Eric Pearson had called for the school to save the wrestling team. Kudos to the administration at CS-Bakersfield for recognizing the value of these programs. More details later.

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