Title IX and Syracuse University

A few weeks ago, we noted how Syracuse University, a school in the middle of one of the most hockey-mad areas of the country was planning on adding women’s ice hockey team, but not a men’s team. Over at one blog that follows Syracuse University sports, one blogger has cracked the code when it comes to the devestating effect Title IX is having on men’s programs:

I do not support the greater implications that I think this [adding women’s hockey] sends. I completely believe that the swimming and diving program got a raw deal and were mistreated. I believe Title IX was a huge cause of this decision, despite what the DOCTOR says and I believe that is completely wrong. While I am no academic, I have authored or worked on several papers and presentations related to Title IX and firmly oppose the effects it has on athletic programs in this country. A similar situation happened to Syracuse in the past with gymnastics and wrestling so I was not too surprised when I heard this move.

The truth is going to get out.

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