The Gender Quota Crowd: In Their Own Words

Marilyn McNeil
 “I hated the movie `Rudy.’ It’s time to tell these students: `You’ve got other talents. Go write about sports at the school newspaper, join the debate team, or maybe you’ve got a nice voice and belong on the stage.'”

Marcia Greenberger
 “One of the greatest ironies here is that those who want to challenge Title IX and call it a quota bill want to lock in artificial, limited quotas for women. The ones charging quotas are the ones, in the end, who are imposing quotas.”

Donna Lopiano 
”Even in late 1973 nobody knew that Title IX applied to athletics. And then the NCAA’s Washington lobbying firm asked the question of the Department of Education: Whether or not all ‘extracurricular activities’ applied to athletics? I don’t think they ever imagined it would apply. Once they found it applicable, all hell broke loose. Institutions were given three years to comply. That’s where it all started.”

Sally Jenkins, The Washington Post 
”Title IX has given women a terrible gift that previously belonged strictly to guys: the ability to shove an opponent out of the way. The permission to lower a shoulder and explore the capacities of one’s muscle, and to take from others without apology, is the most direct result of the law, both literally and figuratively.

Billie Jean King
 “What the United States people don’t understand is that it’s the government that really drives the sports in most countries. We are getting there. It is going to take centuries, but it is getting better.”

Nancy Hogshead-Makar
 “This claim that Title IX is a ‘gender quota’ is nothing more than histrionics and an unfortunate smokescreen.”

Julie Foudy
 Title IX Commission Hearings, January 29, 2003:
”I know I have been involved in athletics personally but I don’t know if I’m crazy or if what I’m hearing is crazy because I just think that it reminds me of the days when women had to prove that they wanted to vote. I think it creates a double standard, that once people probably ask for surveys for now seems ridiculous. I think is a dangerous thing to go to. I think it is very dangerous.”

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Lamar Daniels “Kids are resilient. They’ll get over it.”

Josh Centor, NCAA 
“When schools cut teams, they may use Title IX as a crutch, but it is always about economics, not compliance with the law. Title IX is about increasing opportunities, not taking them away, and anytime the legislation is used as a scapegoat for the decision to cut teams, I am disgusted. It makes me cringe that schools would blame gender-equity legislation as the reason they had to cut sports from their athletics programs… Situations like this one really make me sick.

Mariah Burton Nelson 

”People lobbying against Title IX, they’ll contend that women would rather play hopscotch.”

Christine Grant 
”It’s possible in the 21st century that sports offerings will be reduced to two or three for men and five or six for women.”

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