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Slandering Title IX Reform and Supporters of Wrestling

Over at Because I Played Sports, Megan Lauren O'Donnell is tying herself into logical knots trying to deny that the manner in which Title IX is enforced has resulted in the elimination of men's wrestling programs all over the country. In addition to compounding that fallacy, she makes it worse by claiming that opponents of Title IX reform are fighting ... More

The Seattle PI Fumbles on Women’s Wrestling

It must be silly season in the wake of yesterday's story in the New York Times concerning the rise of women's wrestling at the high school and collegiate level. Today, the Editorial Board at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer stepped into the breach created by the article in order to spew some more disinformation: For all the interest high school ... More

Getting it Wrong on Women’s Wrestling

In this morning's edition of the New York Times, reporter Katie Thomas tried to take a closer look at the growth of women's wrestling at the collegiate level. Unfortunately for the readers of the Times, this look at the sport fails to tell the whole story, falling back on tired old stereotypes and slanders against male coaches who have actually worked ... More