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The Price of Honesty: Part II

Last week, we told you how veteran women's basketball writer Wendy Parker came under intense attack when she suggested that it was time to reform the way Title IX has been enforced. Safe to say, the hits keep on coming. Click here to read one of the more blistering rants you'll come across from After Atalanta. If you'd like to leave some encouraging ... More

The Price of Honesty

Yesterday, I shared a link to a column by Wendy Parker where she called for a total revamp of Title IX enforcement that was published over at Blue Star Basketball. As for the aftermath, The Title IX Blog, Women's Hoops, Swish Appeal and They're Playing Basketballcame after Parker with knives sharpened. Parker posted her response today: It seems like ... More

Time to Scrap Title IX in Sports?

As many of our readers are probably already aware, June 23rd is traditionally celebrated as the anniversary of Title IX. This year marks the law's 38th birthday, at least when you talk to the folks in the activist community who have gotten into the habit of singing its praises without noting its unintended effects -- primarily the destruction and denial of ... More