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Gotta Get the Facts Right to Make a Valid Point

The National Women's Law Center's (NWLC) June fact sheet, "The Next Generation of Title IX: Athletics," focuses on the differences in participation rates between boys and girls in elementary schools and high schools. The report ranks high schools according to the "percentage of high schools in the state reporting a participation gap of 10 percentage points ... More

Women’s Sports Foundation Celebrates While Students Still Get Cut from Teams Due to Title IX

Last Friday, the Women's Sports Foundation (WSF) issued a press release, "WSF Responds to American Sports Council v. Department of Education decision." Except the response, like that of the NWLC, did not legitimately address any of ASC's reasons for suing the Department of Education. One of the many deceiving claims is that our lawsuit "was designed to ... More

NWLC Continues to Misunderstand Title IX

The National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) via Neena Chaudhry doesn’t let two days go by before taking advantage of the immensely unfortunate dismissal of our case, American Sports Council v. the Department of Education, to throw easy, rhetorical bait to its supporters and further distinguish itself from serious Title IX reformers who are trying to achieve ... More

American Sports Council Reacts to Dismissal of Lawsuit Against DOE

On March 27, the District Court dismissed American Sports Council v. Department of Education based on standing.Eric Pearson, Chairman of the American Sports Council, reacts: "It is unfortunate that the Court refused to hear the merits of our case, American Sports Council v Department of Education. The Court accepted the government's objection to the ASC's ... More

Student Interest, Not Title IX Gender Quotas, Can Work

Now for some relatively positive news out of Santa Monica College (SMC): Men's soccer may be added to the athletics program next fall. Although the addition isn't certain, the Western States Conference has already approved it. And, the school has deemed that adding more opportunities for male student athletes is in compliance with Title IX by using prong ... More

It’s More Than Just a Sprint To Save Sports

A recent article in Delaware's News Journal attempts to show how Patrick T. Harker, president of the University of Delaware (UD), is making budget and administrative decisions that are drawing both positive and negative attention. Unfortunately, because of the rationale Harker used to put certain programs on the chopping block, some members in the UD ... More

PLF’s Joshua Thompson Takes on the Title IX Blog

When anyone asks me what our adversaries are like in the Title IX reform debate, I always tell them to take a close look at the Title IX Blog. The critical difference there: the authors don't allow any outsiders to leave comments on their blog posts. It's almost as if they're afraid of free and open debate about the law and the damage it's doing at colleges ... More

American Sports Council Sues U.S. Department of Education to Prevent Use of Title IX Quotas in High School Athletics

It's a busy first day for the newly-formed American Sports Council. Again, from our new website: The American Sports Council (ASC) filed suit against the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) today, alleging that the use of gender quotas to enforce Title IX in high school athletic programs is unconstitutional because it violates the Equal Protection Clause. ... More

UCLA’s Daily Bruin Uncovers Inconvenient Facts About Title IX Enforcement

The student editors at UCLA's Daily Bruin deserve some kudos today for a trio of articles they've published about how Title IX compliance has affected the athletic department at that historic school. The first piece by Emma Coghlan looks at how the strict gender quotas required by Prong One of the law's three-part test are preventing men's lacrosse and ... More

Rasmussen: 64% of Americans Oppose Use of Prong One in Title IX Enforcement

Following up on the polling done by the New York Times on Title IX earlier this week, the folks over at Rasmussen Reports have done some additional work that has uncovered something that we've long suspected—a solid majority of Americans oppose the use of strict quotas to enforce Title IX in intercollegiate athletics. The important information comes ... More