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Addressing the Real Harms of Title IX Policy

In the Atlantic essay, “How Title IX Hurts Female Athletes,” Linda Flanagan and Susan H. Greenberg cite the prevalence of injuries and eating disorders, as well as the tremendous pressure to win games as evidence proving Title IX’s negative impact on girls. Those issues are serious and do deserve attention, but male athletes face the same challenges ... More

IWF Issues Title IX Position Paper

Allison Kasic of the Independent Women's Forum just gave us a heads up that she's published a new position paper on Title IX. It's titled, Title IX and Athletics: A Case Study of Perverse Incentives and Unintended Consequences. From the executive summary: June 23rd marks the 38th anniversary of Title IX, the federal law that bans sex discrimination ... More

“Title IX operates as a quota.”

Here's a Letter to the Editor that was published at PhillyBurbs.com this morning that I wanted to share: To the Editor: Ms. Koblan's May 10 letter fails to state the intent of Title IX. Unfortunately, Title IX is no longer faithful to anti-discrimination. Instead, it discriminates against males and has contributed to the reduction of programs for male ... More