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Is It So Hard To Give the Full Story?

For Erin Buzuvis, co-author of the Title IX Blog, why yes, relaying all of the facts to her readers is just too difficult. Case in point: Her post detailing Butler University's Office for Civil Rights (OCR) compliance review wrap-up leaves out a key point simply because it does not align with her views. The examination was conducted to address two ... More

Mainstream Press Picks Up on Gender Disparities in College Tennis and Volleyball

In the Summer of 2009, the College Sports Council published an analysis of the NCAA's own scholarship and participation data that found that in sports where men and women both compete, women get the lion's share of both scholarships and participation opportunities (click here for the charts and graphs). As CSC Chairman Eric Pearson wrote at the time: The ... More

The College Sports Council Responds to the Women’s Sports Foundation on the Division I Soccer Study

A little less than an hour ago, the Women's Sports Foundation issued a virulent response to the study that the College Sports Council released this morning about the disparities between male and female soccer athletes in Division I. You can read the statement by clicking here. Despite what the WSF and their confederates in the gender quota camp ... More

Quote of the Day: Dan Magill

From the Athens Banner-Herald: There's nothing wrong with the original intent of Title IX. Women absolutely should have "equal opportunity." But part of the misinterpretation of Title IX was citing the fact that collegiate football teams averaged about 85 scholarships on the squad, and therefore other men's sports were reduced in numbers to help the women ... More

Gender Quota Crowd Can’t Live Up to Their Own Standards of Truth

It's been a week since the College Sports Council published its study of NCAA Division I scholarships, and to say that the response from our traditional antagonists has been wanting would be something of an understatement. Well, earlier this week, somebody finally stepped up, and in this case it was Melanie Ross Levin, the Outreach Coordinator for ... More

New Study of Gender Symmetric Teams Reveals Significant Disparity in Athletic Opportunities at Division I Level

New Study of Gender Symmetric Teams Reveals Significant Disparity in Athletic Opportunities at Division I Level 37 Years After Passage of Title IX, the College Sports Council Calls on NCAA to Equalize Scholarship Limits WASHINGTON, D.C. – June 23, 2009 – The preliminary findings of a study of NCAA participation and scholarship data conducted by the ... More

Findings of First-of-a-Kind Study Reveals Apparent Scholarship Discrimination by NCAA

Last month, the College Sports Council (CSC) announced some preliminary findings of a study into NCAA Division I scholarships in "gender symmetric" sports that found significant disparities into opportunities for men and women. Yesterday, the CSC released the full study (click here for the charts and graphs that accompanied the study), which generat... More

A Modest Proposal to Keep Men’s Track and Field at Bemidji State

We've been following the potential elimination of men's track and field at Bemidji State for a couple of weeks now, and Mike Hougen, a track coach at a high school in Iowa, has come up with an idea to save the team. The following is excerpted from a letter to the editor that appeared in today's edition of the Bemidji Pioneer: My proposal is to increase ... More