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Sand Volleyball & Proportionality… This Time in Arizona

As schools continue to rely on a numbers game to ensure proportionality between male and female athletes and overall school populations, we're going to keep seeing creative — if not outright controversial — ways to meet Title IX requirements. Starting female sand volleyball teams seems to be an increasingly popular method. We previously wrote on ... More

More Light Onto Georgia State’s Sand Volleyball Team

Previously, we wrote about Georgia State's decision to build a women's sand volleyball team to balance out the numbers after creating a football team. The case sheds light onto how schools address compliance with Title IX, including how they use proportionality, budget and student interest to make decisions. For Georgia State, the relatively low cost of ... More

Florida State Adds Sand Volleyball

Details from FloridaToday.com. The team will have six roster slots and three scholarships. For our previous takes on the topic, click here. More