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Cutting Wrestling Not Enough, More Men’s Athletic Cuts to Come at Liberty

While the wrestling community can't help but be upset at the news that Liberty University decided to eliminate its wrestling program in order to help with Title IX compliance, you have to at least credit AD Jeff Barber for being honest about what he's up to. The math at Liberty is pretty simple. The student body is 52/48 in favor of female students. But ... More

Karen Owoc on How Title IX Harms Men’s Sports

Karen Owoc, an Advisory Board Member of the College Sports Council, recently wrote an essay for Congressional Quarterly on how Title IX has harmed men's athletics. The full text is below. Title IX is a good law. The way it’s regulated, however, is not only unfair but unconstitutional. The law precisely states that “. . . no person in the United ... More

More Details on the Delaware State Title IX Settlement

The News Journal, a paper in Delaware, reported some additional details about the settlement the school reached this week with the members of its Equestrian team: DSU officials, in a press release Friday, said they will "embrace" their obligation to provide increased opportunities for women in varsity sports. "DSU commits to achieving gender equity within ... More

How Title IX Is Stifling High School Baseball in Florida

From Florida Today: A well-meaning attempt by a group of parents to fund an extracurricular sport at a Brevard public high school could be blocked by concerns over gender and low-income discrimination. Parents of about 35 Edgewood Jr./Sr. High students want to pay about $7,000 annually for a coach’s salary and other costs to turn a self-funded baseball ... More

Faculty Committee at UC Berkeley Recommends Cutting 5-7 Sports

Over the past few months, we've been following events at UC Berkeley very closely as a series of faculty committees worked to address the budget deficit in the school's athletic department. Back in July, one committee suggested that the department slash $6 million from its budget, but do it without eliminating any teams. Now, news leaked out last night that ... More

Softball Team Leads Anti-Title IX Protest; PLNU Men’s Golf Coach Speaks Out on Title IX

On Friday we told you about the situation at Point Loma Nazarene University, a school in San Diego that cut four teams -- 3 men's and one women's -- in order to comply with the strict proportionality prong of Title IX. Yesterday, about 100 PLNU students, led by the members of the softball team, got together to protest the cuts: Some carried signs ... More

How Title IX Can Hurt Small Roster Women’s Sports

From the outside looking in, news that a high school in South Dakota was eliminating their girls gymnastics team in order to add competitive cheer wouldn't seem like a significant story. But then, when you look a little closer, you can see how the tyranny of strict proportionality can wind up hurting a small roster sport: Adding competitive cheer and ... More

Delaware State Drops Wrestling, But Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Click here for the official announcement. I think it's worth noting that back in February 2008, the College Sports Council issued a study warning that nearly all of the nation's Historically Black Colleges and Universities were out of compliance with Title IX's proportionality standard, putting over 3,300 male athletes at risk nationwide. One of the ... More

Condescension at Dartmouth

An article in Dartmouth's student newspaper reports on our rally for Title IX reform two weeks ago at the Department of Education. But Dartmouth Athletic Director Josie Harper is dubious about the students from JMU and their appeal for reform. “The cuts don’t have so much to do with money being poured into women’s programs – it has to do with the ... More