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Alison Somin: The Obama Administration: Changing the Rules of the Title IX Game?

We wanted to let everyone know about a great piece that was published today by the Federalist Society concerning the Obama Administration and Title IX. "The Obama Administration: Changing the Rules of the Title IX Game?," by Alison Somin is a great look at the current state of the law. That shouldn't entirely be a surprise, as Somin currently serves as a ... More

CSC Chairman Eric Pearson on the “No Brainer” Quota

Earlier today, National Review Online ran a piece by College Sports Council Chairman Eric Pearson about the rollback of the model survey option for Title IX compliance by the Obama Administration. It's called, "The 'No Brainer' Gender Quota." The long-term impact of the recent rollback is that colleges will continue to eliminate men’s teams in order ... More

All Signs Point To Title IX Rollback

Over the past couple of days, we've seen some definite signs that the Obama Administration is planning a major announcement concerningTitle IX enforcement tomorrow afternoon in Washington, D.C. Last Thursday, Libby Sander at the Chronicle of Higher Educationinterviewed Russlyn Ali of the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights, and she let ... More

More on Title IX and the Obama Administration

Continuing the conversation on what we can expect from an Obama Administration on Title IX, here's a link to a proposal that comes from a long list of ideas from Rita Henley Jensen of The Big Five, a blog sponsored by the National Council for Research on Women: President-elect Obama should also appoint a Title IX Task Force within the Department of ... More

More Thoughts on Obama and Title IX

A couple of other folks have taken note of our post on Title IX and the Obama Administration form yesterday. Here's our friends at Stick It Media: Obama is a big sports fan. He loves to play basketball and he recently voiced his advocacy for a playoff system for college football. Since he’s such a big sports fan, perhaps he should take a serious look ... More

The President-Elect on Title IX

With last night's election of Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) to the presidency, some folks are already asking what the change in administrations might mean for the future of Title IX enforcement. Here's Lester Munson at ESPN.com: Obama's approach to governing can be expected to have some indirect impacts in college sports. Coaches, athletes and administrat... More