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Never Say an Unkind Word About Title IX

In today's edition of the New York Times, the nation's paper of record has finally taken note of what we've been warning about for a while -- budget cuts forcing the elimination of athletic teams. But though the story by Ken Belson mentions Title IX, he doesn't mention its pernicious effect during an era of cost-cutting. Like it or not, thanks to the ... More

NY Times Runs Letter from CSC Chairman

In response to last week's New York Times series on the rise of club sports in collegiate athletics, College Sports Council Chairman Eric Pearson wrote the following letter to the editor that appeared in Saturday's newspaper: To the Sports Editor: The single biggest factor in the growth of club sports in college may be the stringent enforcement of ... More

Getting it Wrong on Women’s Wrestling

In this morning's edition of the New York Times, reporter Katie Thomas tried to take a closer look at the growth of women's wrestling at the collegiate level. Unfortunately for the readers of the Times, this look at the sport fails to tell the whole story, falling back on tired old stereotypes and slanders against male coaches who have actually worked ... More