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Sick of Title IX “Myths”? Just call them “Facts”

The National Coalition for Women & Girls in Education recently issued a report evaluating how Title IX has influenced girls' achievements in education and athletics. Instead of presenting a factual assessment of the harmful side effects from Title IX enforcement methods, the report is chock full of opinion, agenda and rhetoric (though the Washington ... More

The Women’s Sports Foundation: A Magician

The good news: The Women's Sports Foundation (WSF) reads this blog. Could it mean that WSF activists are finally grasping the truth? That they recognize that current Title IX enforcement methods are not working because they create discrimination and disruption in our schools' athletic departments and that reforming those regulations will permit meaningful ... More

ESPN Confuses Title IX Rhetoric And Factual Reporting

ESPNW's coverage (read: advertising, media, traffic-driving blitz) of the fortieth anniversary of Title IX makes us question its commitment to journalistic integrity. Sure, ESPN has a handbook on "Editorial Guidelines for Standards & Practices," but what's the point if some of the network's employees haven't bothered to either read or adhere to it? ... More

Debunking the Title IX Myth…For Real

Dawn Redd, head volleyball coach at Beloit College, attempts to provide "the truth" about Title IX on her blog, Coach Dawn Writes. Except in trying to set the record straight, she further distorts the myths reiterated by gender quota activists. Let's begin with this statement: "It turns out that equity in athletics was a happy by-product of a much ... More

Christine Brennan and the Title IX Myth Making Machine

In 2005, the Wall Street Journal published a front page story titled, "Title IX's Next Hurdle," that contained the following quote: "Today it is best known as the law that helped pave the way for female athletes like Danica Patrick." That was a claim that came as a surprise to College Sports Council Chairman Eric Pearson. After all, the last time he had ... More