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Not Buying the Myles Brand Line on Title IX

Texas Swimming takes a closer look at some of the dust getting kicked up in the comments thread of a US News and World Report blog post about Myles Brand and his edict on public statements about Title IX. More

Another Blogger for Title IX Reform

Vere Loqui is wondering out loud about Myles Brand and Title IX. More

CSC Chairman Takes on Myles Brand’s Code of Silence on Title IX

Over at Inside Higher Education, the Web site is running a piece from College Sports Council chairman Eric Pearson on NCAA President Myles Brand's recent statements on how member schools shouldn't blame Title IX for future cuts in men's athletic programs. The entire text of the article appears below: Myles Brand’s Code of Silence By Eric ... More

At Delaware, the Culprit Was Title IX

Somebody didn't get the memo from NCAA President Myles Brand on cuts in men's athletic programs and Title IX -- and his name is University of Delaware Athletic Director Edgar Johnson. Last night, we reported that Delaware announced that as part of its long-term strategic plan for athletics, that the school would drop men's indoor track and add women's ... More

Deciphering the Title IX Double-Talk

The recent double-talk from Myles Brand and the NCAA is so zany and contradictory we thought it might be a good time to have a quick reality check. First, to recap, Brand recently told USA Today: "My expectation is that over the next year or two we are going to see more cuts of men's teams and so I am trying, frankly, to pre-empt the argument against ... More

The Myles Brand Title IX Debate, Continued

Over at Because I Played Sports, there's a spirited debate over what Myles Brand really meant last week. Our own Jim McCarthy makes an appearance. Please stop by and participate -- but keep it respectful. More

Allison Kasic on Myles Brand and Title IX

Yet another reminder from one of our friends that Myles Brand can't have it both ways. UPDATE: Allison Kasic reminds the readers of National Review Online too. More

On Honesty and Title IX

Paul Ogden on the Myles Brand Title IX Whitewash: Regardless of whether Title IX is a good thing or bad thing, Brand has no business encouraging academic institutions to be anything less than honest when it comes to explaining the cuts. Then again, as we've seen with quota advocates, honesty is often in short supply. More

The Myles Brand Title IX Whitewash

A small knot of College Sports Council supporters are in Washington, DC today and we're shaking our heads after reading the following story in today's edition ofUSA Today: NCAA's Brand: Don't fault Title IX for future cuts By Erik Brady, USA TODAY NCAA President Myles Brand has a message for member institutions: Don't blame Title IX. Brand ... More