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The College Sports Council Responds to the Women’s Sports Foundation on the Division I Soccer Study

A little less than an hour ago, the Women's Sports Foundation issued a virulent response to the study that the College Sports Council released this morning about the disparities between male and female soccer athletes in Division I. You can read the statement by clicking here. Despite what the WSF and their confederates in the gender quota camp ... More

The Long Odds Against American Male Soccer Players

A little less than a year ago, ESPN was one of the media outlets that picked up our study about the scholarship disparities that exist in gender symmetric sports. And today, ESPN.com, in a story about the number of scholarships available in college soccer, included this important bit of perspective straight out of our study: A study published in July ... More

More Willful Disbelief on Title IX and Men’s College Soccer

Last week, we pointed to a column by Dwight Collins at Ocala.com that made the case that Title IX was retarding the competitiveness of the U.S. Men's National Soccer Team. While we're not experts on international Soccer here at Saving Sports (though we watch quite a bit of it), we know more than a little bit about how Title IX has harmed men's sports at ... More

How Title IX is Strangling Men’s College Soccer

Over at Ocala.com, Dwight Collins is concerned that the U.S. Men's National Team may never win the World Cup, and he's listing what he believes are the reasons why. And I couldn't miss #1 on the list: * Title IX. The gender equity legislation that has done so many wonderful things for women's sports at the collegiate level has basically killed men's ... More

How Title IX Holds Back American College Soccer

From Bill Archer at Big Soccer, some unfortunate facts about the college game: As for more scholarships, let's start with getting colleges to stop dropping programs. I'm not about to open the whole Title IX can of crap here, so I'll just say this: to add more male soccer scholarships would mean adding more female scholarships in some sport or other, ... More

Title IX Strangling Men’s Soccer

I had to pass along a passage from this post that appeared at SoccerLens. In it, an American soccer fan tries to explain to an international audience exactly why the "beautiful game," is struggling so mightily in the USA: Title IX has decimated the youth systems that at one point existed. [...] Because American football without a doubt brings in the ... More

Why No Big 12 Men’s Soccer

LandThieves is asking some uncomfortable questions about Title IX and Big 12 Soccer: A good friend of mine asked me this a couple of weeks ago. He told me OU didn't have a soccer team, neither did OSU. I was sure he was misinformed. Being a former auditor, I decided to check it out. Sho'nuff, neither school has men's soccer. actually, no school in the Big ... More