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Puppeteering at Towson University

Men's baseball and soccer are no longer welcome at Towson University after the 2012-2013 seasons. For that matter, no men's team at Towson is safe from the administration's masterful manipulation of roster spots, scholarship awards, recruiting budgets and team funding so long as the university is steadfast in its reverence for proportionality, that ... More

Fight Goes on For Men’s Gymnastics at Cal

Last Friday we passed along the news through Doug Nickle that Cal Baseball had been rescued from elimination thanks to alumni donations. Just a little while afterwards, Nickle sent this follow up message to remind everyone that the work at Cal won't be done until every sport that had been slated for elimination got a reprieve, and that includes men's ... More

Cal Baseball Reinstated

Great news out of the Bay Area. After raising almost $10 million, Cal has decided to reinstate its baseball team. Here's the Facebook message I got from Doug Nickle just a few minutes ago: Congratulations to Doug and the entire Cal baseball community. More later. More

Cal Administration Demanding Team Raise Another $1 million Before Reinstatement

I just got the following message from Doug Nickle at Save Cal Baseball: Something tells me that they'll make it. Here's hoping we get some happy news from the school before the end of the academic year. More

Cal Killed Rugby After Coach Offered to Fund Women’s Team

Over the past 72 hours, we've seen a lot of talk about the cuts at UC Berkeley. And one comment that we've seen over and over again goes something like this: Title IX didn't cause the budget pressure that led to the cut of the five varsity programs at the school. And that's true, Title IX didn't lead to the budget problems at Cal. Then again, there ... More

Cal Eliminates Five Varsity Programs

Earlier this afternoon, Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated reportedthat UC Berkeley will hold a press conference this afternoon to discuss its "athletic future." As we've been noting for several months, a combination of budget pressures and Title IX compliance questions could very well lead to the school eliminating a number of athletic programs -- more ... More

UCLA Denies Baseball Program in Danger

Late last night, we passed along a report from an LA sports blog that the school's storied baseball program -- the one that produced the legendary Jackie Robinson -- might be dropped because of Title IX concerns. A few minutes ago, I got a call from Marc Dellins, the SID at the school, who denied the report. Said Dellins: "There is absolutely no truth ... More

UCLA Baseball in Danger?

Out in Los Angeles, we're hearing rumors that the storied baseball program at UCLA might be in danger. After a quick look at the numbers, it seemed pretty clear to me that the school is out of proportion. Stay tuned for more details. More