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ASC President Leo Kocher on Title IX Quotas

In today's edition of the Daily Trojan, American Sports Council President Leo Kocher was asked what was preventing the University of South California from adding new men's sports to their athletic department: In response to the university’s recent addition of two women’s sports, some have expressed discontent with the constraints placed upon the ... More

NYT Prints Letter to the Editor From College Sports Council President Leo Kocher on Title IX and Roster Caps

Earlier today, the New York Times published a letter to the editor from College Sports Council President Leo Kocher. Kocher sent his letter in response to this week's story about Title IX and roster management. To the Sports Editor: The N.C.A.A.’s own data reveals that female college students, rather than being discriminated against, are afforded an ... More

Official CSC Statement Regarding the New York Times Report on Roster Management and Title IX

The following statement is an official response to the New York Times story that was published this morning concerning the use of roster management by schools to comply with Title IX. It can be attributed to Leo Kocher, President of the College Sports Council: “Title IX has been turned into a gender quota law plain and simple, and it should not be a ... More

A Few Notes for the Bloggers at Ms. Magazine

A few days ago, on the 38th anniversary of Title IX, the blog over at Ms. Magazine ran a piece on the critics of the law. Our friends at the Independent Women's Forum were mentioned, as was the College Sports Council. Here's the critical excerpt: But IWF, like other Title IX naysayers, insists that men’s sports have consistently and seriously declined in ... More