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Allison Kasic on Interest Surveys

Over at TownHall.com, our friend Allison Kasic takes a look at interest surveys and Title IX. More

On Title IX and Interest Surveys

A discussion at Texas Swimming. More

A Title IX Supporter of Interest Surveys

Every once in a while, we find somebody who is willing to cross the quota divide. In this case, that somebody is a blogger who calls himself, Hill Rat: In 2005 the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights offered additional clarification of the three-prong test of compliance. In this clarification, the OCR provides chapter and verse on how an ... More

WIU to Use Model Surveys to Demonstrate Title IX Compliance

Here's some welcome news out of the state of Illinois: The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and Western Illinois University have signed a resolution agreement following a complaint filed with the OCR alleging Title IX violations by the University's Intercollegiate Athletics Program. The complaint alleged that the University does not effectively accommodate ... More

Inside Higher Ed Doubts the Students

Elizabeth Redden of Insider Higher Education writes that, “criticisms specific to their university — including a lack of student input in the decision — crept into some of their comments.” Those views didn’t creep anywhere, they were front and center. The whole point of the rally was to ask the Department to strengthen interest surveys — ... More