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On Girls High School Flag Football

Over the past week or so, there's been a lot of chatter back and forth on the Web concerning a New York Times story about the popularity of flag football for girls in Florida high schools. On the one hand, you have a number of folks from the women's sports establishment who can't seem to make up their mind whether or not this is a good thing: “No one ... More

The Title IX Law Suit Machine

One of the little known side effects of Title IX enforcement are the costs that it imposes on school districts around the country. One of the more recent examples comes from Arrowhead High School in Hartland, Wisconsin. According to local reports, handling a recent suit that resulted in the school adding a girl's lacrosse team cost somewhere in the ... More

Is Title IX Harming High School Volleyball?

We know the enforcement of Title IX at the college level has been devastating to men's volleyball programs, but what sort of effect is it having at the high school level? According to at least one newspaper in Colorado, the law is retarding the growth of the sport for young men: The CBHSVA has been petitioning for years to become a mainstream sport in ... More