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Update on UMD Cuts

Thanks to an ASC Facebook fan for pointing out the University of Maryland's (UMD) "Save Our Sports" page and for pointing us to the following statement: Can a guarantee be provided that should the eight-year fund raising goal for my team be reached, the sport will be saved? The University of Maryland's continued compliance with the non-negotiable ... More

CS Fullerton Wrestling Gets a Reprieve

Last week we passed along news that despite a furious fund raising campaign, the wresting team at CS Fullerton was going to be eliminated at the end of the 2010-11 academic year. But earlier this week, the team got another reprieve: Cal State Fullerton wrestling has hope for a future. The sport, designated last week for termination at the end of the ... More

Husband and Wife Team to Save CS-Fullerton Gymnastics and Wrestling Programs

Here's a piece of good news from California at a time when all we seem to be talking about are how budget pressures are leading to the elimination of teams: Thanks to generous donations from gymnastics and wrestling communities, the Cal State Fullerton gymnastics and wrestling programs have been retained for the 2010-11 academic year. “All along I ... More

Norwich and Lawrence Universities Cancel Wrestling Programs

I'll be headed out for the holidays momentarily, but before I go, I wanted to pass along the very sad news that bothNorwich University(which also cut Men's tennis) and Lawrence University have dropped their men's wrestling programs. At Norwich, it seems that friends of the program are determined not to go without a fight and are starting a letter ... More

Title IX Kills Oregon Wrestling

Though we missed this last week, we would be remiss not to take a moment to note that an Oregon state judge rejected a law suit filed to force the University of Oregon to retain its men's wrestling program. Here's a passage from the blog Save Oregon Wrestling that's awfully telling: In a decision dated October 22, 2008, and received today, Judge Lynn E. ... More

Boosters Save ASU Wrestling

Congrats to the supporters of ASU Wrestling who stepped up and saved the program. More