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Would Semi Pro status release big revenue sports from Title IX limits?

What would happen if the major revenue generating football programs in the NCAA decide to change their designation to semi pro?   In his opinion piece published in Forbes, "Will Paying College Athletes Ruin Everything We Love About College Sports? Not If We're Smart About It,"  ASC Director, H. Clay McEldowney offers insight into that question. ... More

Is COLLEGE PRO coming to the NCAA?

One of the hottest trending topics now in college sports is the discussion about schools paying athletes stipends in addition to their scholarships. The NCAA has opened the possibility for schools to pay athletes with the recently proposed Division I Board of Directors governance restructuring. The issue picked up additional momentum recently when the ... More

Poof! Goes Football, Says the New York Times

While Humboldt State's football team is making a comeback from recent losing seasons, other Cal State programs can't recover from defeat that took place almost 20 years ago — but it's not their fault. Back in '93, a multi-year agreement between California State University and the National Organization for Women (NOW) cemented proportionality's mark ... More

Football Coach Quits, Cites Booster Club Changes

Veteran Portland High football coach Mike Bailey has called it quits after 26 years and a winning record. Among many reasons, one particularly stands out: The recent booster club reforms issued for Portland and Deering this past September. Instead of separate booster clubs for each sport, next year will only allow one booster club for all sports. We've ... More

JJC Dropped the Ball on Title IX

Joliet Junior College's (JJC) board voted yesterday to cut its 61-year-old football program for two reasons: budget considerations and Title IX proportionality. At the expense of the boys with no college football future, JJC officials and local newspapers claim victory for gender equity and student athletes who participate in other sports programs. More ... More

How They Cut Wrestling At Nebraska-Omaha

Yesterday, ESPN's Outside the Lines did a report on the recent elimination of football and wrestling at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. The school took the action as part of its planned move to Division I. At the time, the school said that the move would help with Title IX compliance in the future (click here for our initial reaction to that announcemen... More

Fighting the Title IX Echo Chamber and the New York Times

We're just about 36 hours past the publish time on Katie Thomas's horribly unbalanced piece on roster management and Title IX. The good news is that there are more than a few people who aren't buying her take on gender equity. First, we ought to check in with Wendy Parker, whose take on the piece ought to be required reading for any Journalism 101 ... More

The Truth About BCS Football Profits and Title IX

One canard that gets repeated a lot by supporters of gender quotas is that Title IX isn't really the problem when it comes to the elimination of men's sports. Instead, as you can see above in a tweet from just a few hours ago, they argue that the real problem is all of the money schools spend on big time football, and to a lesser extent, basketball. But ... More

Will Title IX Kill FCS College Football?

In only the past few weeks, both Northeastern Univerisity and HofstraUniversity announced that they were eliminating their football programs. Both schools compete in the Football Championship Series, what was known for many years as Division I-AA. In announcing the end of the programs, officials at both schools cited many of the typical reasons: ... More

NY Times Runs Letter from CSC Chairman

In response to last week's New York Times series on the rise of club sports in collegiate athletics, College Sports Council Chairman Eric Pearson wrote the following letter to the editor that appeared in Saturday's newspaper: To the Sports Editor: The single biggest factor in the growth of club sports in college may be the stringent enforcement of ... More