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Explaining Outcomes of Title IX Quota Enforcement

On the blog, Ask Coach Wolff, Rick Wolff tells the familiar tale of boys competing on girls teams, and girls competing on boys teams in high school. He then recounts that a boy recently broke a girls' swim record and wants to know, "is that right? Was that the intent of Title IX?" When answering this question, it's important to backtrack to see how we ... More

Keeping an Eye on H.R. 2882 and S. 471

A few weeks back, we took note of an action alert from the American Association of University Women (AAUW) concerning two pieces of legislation designed to essentially bring Title IX enforcement to American high schools: In honor of the 38th anniversary of Title IX on June 23, join AAUW in urging your member of Congress to enforce Title IX in our high ... More

The Price of Honesty: Part II

Last week, we told you how veteran women's basketball writer Wendy Parker came under intense attack when she suggested that it was time to reform the way Title IX has been enforced. Safe to say, the hits keep on coming. Click here to read one of the more blistering rants you'll come across from After Atalanta. If you'd like to leave some encouraging ... More

CSC Chairman Takes on Myles Brand’s Code of Silence on Title IX

Over at Inside Higher Education, the Web site is running a piece from College Sports Council chairman Eric Pearson on NCAA President Myles Brand's recent statements on how member schools shouldn't blame Title IX for future cuts in men's athletic programs. The entire text of the article appears below: Myles Brand’s Code of Silence By Eric ... More

Deciphering the Title IX Double-Talk

The recent double-talk from Myles Brand and the NCAA is so zany and contradictory we thought it might be a good time to have a quick reality check. First, to recap, Brand recently told USA Today: "My expectation is that over the next year or two we are going to see more cuts of men's teams and so I am trying, frankly, to pre-empt the argument against ... More

The Gathering Storm of Title IX Enforcement

It has been a terrible Spring season for colleges across the country under pressure from the Title IX gender quota. Many schools have been forced to eliminate athletic programs, most notably James Madison University which cut seven men’s teams – the most ever axed at one time by any school. Scores of other schools have had to tighten their roster caps ... More

CSC Provides the Platform: Student Athletes Speak Out Against Cuts

Sports Council Update, November 2006 www.collegesportscouncil.org FROM: Jessica Gavora, CSC Director of Communications Dear Friends of the CSC; When James Madison University (JMU) announced on September 29 the elimination of 10 athletic teams in order to comply with Title IX proportionality - the largest single act of Title IX related cuts by ... More