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Jamie Trecker, Fox Sports and the CSC’s Study on Title IX and NCAA Division I Soccer

Earlier this month, I sent a note to Jamie Trecker at Fox Sports about the study the College Sports Council released earlier this year concerning Division I NCAA Soccer and Title IX. I was inspired to send my message to Trecker after I saw he had put an item out on his Twitter feed that college hockey was somehow able to avoid the fate that had befallen ... More

CSC Study on NCAA Tennis Shows Title IX Enforcement Has Failed to Boost Opportunities for Women While Eliminating Men’s Teams

A few moments ago, the College Sports Council published the following press release. Double Fault: Tennis not helped by Title IX Enforcement; Fails to boost opportunities for women and eliminates men's teams. College Sports Council analysis of NCAA Division I data charts tennis team sponsorship since 1996 Title IX policy clarification. August 31, ... More

Title IX, High Schools and Proportionality

It was a little less than a month ago that we warned our readers about two pieces of legislation making their way through the House and the Senate that the College Sports Council believes will be used as a can opener to bring quotas and proportionality to high school sports. As it turns out, what we feared the most is already happening in some high schools ... More

CSC Statement on Quinnipiac University, Competitive Cheer and Title IX

The following is an official statement from Eric Pearson, Chairman of the College Sports Council on yesterday's decision by a federal court in Connecticut that determined that competitive cheer cannot be considered a varsity sport under Title IX: "Varsity status for competitive cheer is all about safety. The ruling by the judge in the Quinnipiac case is ... More

Why You Can’t Trust The 2007 GAO Report on NCAA Athletics

Yesterday over at the Title IX Blog, Erin Buzuvis took a moment to point to a 2007 GAO study on NCAA athletic participation rates to present it as evidence that claims that men's sports were being harmed by Title IX enforcement were overblown. We'd like to remind our readers that despite the fact that the GAO concluded that both men and women had experie... More

A Few Notes for the Bloggers at Ms. Magazine

A few days ago, on the 38th anniversary of Title IX, the blog over at Ms. Magazine ran a piece on the critics of the law. Our friends at the Independent Women's Forum were mentioned, as was the College Sports Council. Here's the critical excerpt: But IWF, like other Title IX naysayers, insists that men’s sports have consistently and seriously declined in ... More

From the Archives of Walter Olson

Earlier today, I had a pleasant exchange over Twitter with Walter Olson, the mind behind the brilliant blog, Overlawyered.com. While Walter may be best known for his blog today, he wasn't always behind the controls there. Such was the case back in 1998 when he wrote a piece for Reason Magazine called, "Title IX from Outer Space." Here's an excerpt: [H]ead ... More

CSC Soccer Study Gets Wider Notice

It's been a good day for the College Sports Council and our study on disparities in Division I soccer. Earlier today, Charlotte Allen of the Independent Women's Forum wrote a piece based on our study entitled, "Why U.S. Men's Soccer Will Decline." Here's an excerpt: The effect of the proportionality rule on opportunities for young men to play college ... More

Title IX Blocks Men’s Soccer at University of Houston

Just a week after the College Sports Council published a study about the disparities in Division I soccer, El Gato, a student publication at the University of Houston, published a story about how Title IX prevents that school from fielding a men's varsity soccer team: The University of Houston has 16 sports programs, but one of the sports programs not ... More

Who Do You Trust?

I wanted our readers to know that the folks at the National Women's Law Center have posted their rebuttal to the College Sports Council study on Division I soccer to a Web site called Opposing Views (clickhere for the specific post). We don't have a whole lot to add that we didn't leave in the comment string there, or already post to the blog ... More