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The Realities of Competitive Cheer

For those of you who don't think competitive cheer is a sport, take a look at this video report on the squad at the University of Maryland. Can somebody send this to the Women's Sports Foundation? More

CSC Statement on Quinnipiac University, Competitive Cheer and Title IX

The following is an official statement from Eric Pearson, Chairman of the College Sports Council on yesterday's decision by a federal court in Connecticut that determined that competitive cheer cannot be considered a varsity sport under Title IX: "Varsity status for competitive cheer is all about safety. The ruling by the judge in the Quinnipiac case is ... More

What Quinnipiac and Competitive Cheer Tell Us About Title IX

Over at Minding the Campus, Cathy Young has put together some thoughts on the case at Quinnipiac University that has sparked a national debate on the merits of competitive cheer. More

How Title IX Can Hurt Small Roster Women’s Sports

From the outside looking in, news that a high school in South Dakota was eliminating their girls gymnastics team in order to add competitive cheer wouldn't seem like a significant story. But then, when you look a little closer, you can see how the tyranny of strict proportionality can wind up hurting a small roster sport: Adding competitive cheer and ... More